Level One.png

Level 1: Intro to long form improvisation

This class is exactly as the title describes: an introduction to the essential elements of long form improvisation. In this class students will learn the fundamental skills of agreement, listening, playing as characters and with environments. By the end of the class students will also have dipped their toes into playing in a few loose forms, which they will present in their graduation show. 

Teacher: James Buscher

Dates and Time: Tuesdays, June 12th-August 14th, 6:30-8:00pm

Cost: $175

Level Two.png

Level 2: Exploring forms

This class takes students who have already completed level one and introduces them to various established forms of the long variety. Students will learn and experiment with The Harold, The Armando, Deconstructions, and other forms. These classes will be unique to each class' interests and affinities. Students of level two must have completed level one. 


Class dates, cost and registration information to be announced soon. 

Level Three.png

Level 3: creating your own form

This class will focus on the unique skills and abilities of players who have completed levels one and two. Here students will come together to build and play in a form that expresses their individual and collective creative visions. 


Class dates, cost and registration information to be announced soon.